Participatory installation in the public space

STORY BOX is an interdisciplinary project, in which literature becomes performative in the frame of an “installation-machine-monument” located in the public space.

Inside a cabin made of wood and carton, different people read, one after the other, stories from different places in their mother tongue, for 48 hours non-stop. The project is a human-machine that works without rest, day and night. Placed in the public space of a city, STORY BOX acts as a living monument, activating associations, memories and images in the visitor, only through the spoken word.

STORY BOX was developed in 2010 in Germany. The project relates to the main characteristic of Berlin ́s district Neukölln: the coexistence of different social and ethnic groups. Situated in the square in front of Neukölln ́s city-hall, over 40 participants read in 18 different languages during 48 hours non stop, in the frame of 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival.

Valeria Schwarz


Betiana Bellofatto, Natalia Blanco, Lune Léoty, Jan Fischer, Valeria Schwarz


Fany Montero & Eva Solana


Steve Braun


Florencia Almirón, Céline Andreoli, Iulia Anghelescu, Ion Arbelaiz, Maider Armentia, Petra Benková, Camille Boichot, María Cano Caunedo, Ismaele Cattaneo, Judith Feige, Betty Fox, Alan Gargo, Ulf Hermann, Maylïs Husson, Jeons Hyun, Maik Kerner, Claire Kurylowski, Alan Layton, Barbara Marcel, Arturo Martínez, Emma Moreno, Christoff München, Kaan Özger, Marlene Pfau, Ibon Quintano, Klara Reitberger, Klara Reitsma, Jeni Ringland, Ivi Roberg, Martin Shamoonpour, Stanley, Nuria Viladomat & Rosa Teixidor, Diana Toledo, Shuang Zhang, Diana Zolotarová, a.o.


Berlin, GER, 2010

Supported by: French Embassy, Instituto Cervantes, Argentinian Embassy, Kulturnetzwerk e.V.

Many thanks to: Weser 191, Anna Busdiecker, Matthias, Natasha Pradman, Victoria Plum, Steve Braun.