Offensichtlich Öffentlich

Exhibition in a gallery and the public space

Public art is usually not sought. If it is nevertheless found and appreciated, this often happens spontaneously, a chance meeting with the artwork. In this exhibition, artists of various nationalities and media have produced or submitted and dispersed ephemeral works of art within Berlin’s urban space; just as spontaneously.

The point of departure for this exhibition has been the space of a gallery in Berlin-Schöneberg. Excerpts of a map of Berlin which show the locations of the art pieces have been hung homogeneously in the gallery space. Just as in a classical museum situation, the maps have been presented along with small labels, on which the name of the artist and the artwork information were written. From here, a cartographic trail was laid for a potential course through the city, before contentual, aesthetic, or situational receptive interaction with the artwork could take place at each site.

Finding the artwork was left to the visitors. For a relatively limited time period perceptive randomness has been undermined by a deliberate seeking out of public artwork. The pieces were or still are integrated within the flow of urban routine, subjected to possible consequences such as weathering, vandalism or theft.

It took place from April 20th. to 24th. 2010 in the urban space of Berlin and Eva Bracke gallery, Berlin.

Valeria Schwarz & Peer Golo Willi

Curatorial work

Florencia Almirón, Betiana Bellofatto & Natalia Blanco, Linda Franke, Benjamin Grebe, Jan Imberi, Jin Lie, Klaus Jörres, Florin Kompatscher, Alexey Kroschkarow, Lune Léoty, Lisha, M.M.P.G., Josep Maynou, José Noguero, Jana Pessoa, Franz Schmidt, Andreas Siekmann, Arturo Martinez Steele


Eva Bracke


Berlin, GERMANY, 2010