Exhibition in progress

This project is a reflection on art exhibitions, or better said, it is an alternative to art exhibitions’ dynamic. The intention is to turn the gallery into a place where creation happens, rather than selecting some works that had been created somewhere else and storing them together in the same place. Since creation is a discursive act, during which a new reality is being set, we prefer to present the show as a growing dialog between artworks, so viewers can also follow that process.

7 DAYS is a work in progress about CREATION, a curatorial work that is also an artwork in the form of Gesamtkunstwerk.

The exhibition opens as an empty space. Like a choreography, every day one work is added/performed. Following Genesis, each artist works on one of the events of the creation of the world. The set up is part of the exhibition, so that visitors can talk to the artists and witness how the show alters the gallery space day by day.

This project took place in the WIR GALLERY in Berlin, from November 16th to 27th, 2009.

Valeria Schwarz

Curatorial work

Bodo Brüsehaber, Davide Comelli, Natalia Blanco, Betiana Bellofatto, Lune Léoty, Jan Fischer & Valeria Schwarz, Janaina Pessoa, Viviana Alcalde & Hyun Ju Song


Raúl Bastida, Alberto Álvarez, Emma Moreno, Miquel Pons, Arturo Martínez Steele

Opening concert