Dada dinner in Moabit! 3G LADEN

Dada Dinner in Moabit!  - 3G LADEN

Have you ever been to a DADA dinner?

On the occasion of the opening of our new installations in empty shops, we will host a Dada dinner next Thursday, February 28th. Bring one ingredient, your cutlery with you and join us. With collected ingredients we are cooking dinner and enjoying it together. The cooks from Gnamo will provide tasty desserts.

Thursday, February 28th, at 6 pm
Stephanstr. 52, Moabit, Berlin

Special thanks to Natalia Hosie, Yves Kervoelen, Gertrud Graf, Quico Moya and Josep Maynou.

3G LADEN is a project by i Collective, in the frame of Soziale Stadt. With the kind support of Bols Inmobilien.


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