Workshop for a daily revolution (for the environment)

The Institut für alltägliche Umwälzungen is a participatory project from iCollective e.V. that reflects about the daily habits of our everyday life. If one observes each person´s continuous micro-decisions in the global context, one can clearly find the reasons of the environmental crisis in which humanity is immersed. The solution appears in theory easier than in the practice: it would be enough that at least every person in the industrial countries takes each day another decision as the usual one. But what stop us from these transformations?

In 2018 a Swedish girl started a series of civil disobedience actions in order to draw attention to the seriousness of the climate change. Through the repeated renunciation of a daily duty every Friday, she set in motion a campaign with incredible efficacy. 

The Institut für alltägliche Umwälzungen speculates about the possibility of provoking daily mini revolutions within the own area of influence. Which effect could we reach with a trivial change of our everyday life?

We invite young people in the age between 9-14 trough performance, drawing and writing to shape their own daily revolution for the environment. This individual change will be made “official” through a temporary sign in the public space.

Micro-revolutions on the go!
Er(be)leben: ongoing project by i Collective & Zuloark

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