Natalia Blanco, artist from i Collective,  is taking part in with/drawn a collective drawing exhibition in Budapest.

The Drawing Room is hosting an international exhibition aiming to investigate the capacity of drawing; from the intimate, intricate mark to the volatile, restless moving image.

The Drawing Room is a non-profit association dedicated to supporting artists and artist initiated projects in downtown Budapest. The DR is a platform for encouraging collaboration and education in the context of contemporary art. We are pleased to partner with the Solymosi Academy for Arts.

As a new initiative their aim is to bring together different artistic disciplines in an environment of cooperation and learning. The DR aims to work collaboratively with Hungarian organizations, individual artists, and the community to create art programming as diverse as it is engaging.

OPENING September 3 at 6:30

Ráday Képesház // Ráday u. 25 // Budapest IX


inVESTIR at the Parallel Events of MANIFESTA 8
i Collective presents inVESTIR