Prototyping Infrastructure for Public Spaces in Saint Petersburg, Russia




Arts for the City, in the frame of the Week of Germany 2016, presents Prototyping Infrastructure for Public Spaces, public lecture and a 2-day workshop by i Collective and Zuloark.


April 15, at 7 pm. Public lecture DIY Culture: Open Code and Prototype.
Language: German, simultaneous translation into Russian.
Where? Taiga, Dvortsovaya embankment, 20, St. Petersburg, Russia. 
Free attendance, on-line registration needed.


April 16 and 17, from 11am to 5pm. 2-day workshop Prototyping Infrastructure for Public Spaces.
Where? At Klass Truda (КЛАСС ТРУДА) workshop, Gazovaya street, 10. St. Petersburg, Russia.
25 participants chosen through an open call. Target audience: young architects, artists, sociologists, designers, urban researchers and others in love with the city. teams will create prototypes of the urban infrastructure. One of the prototypes will be constructed in the ‘Posadsky’ municipal district.


The quality of infrastructure in public spaces is crucial for livability of the latter. Collectives of artists, architects and designers, together with social researchers, see public infrastructure as their object in many European cities. Their experience shows that well-designed public infrastructure enables interesting and meaningful leisure, public communication and good mood for people in the city and makes atmosphere of shared spaces more lively. Better design of the public infrastructure is variable, sustainable and open-coded. The proposed workshop and seminar spotlight concepts and tools of free urban culture and good public infrastructure: “do it yourself” and “do it together” approaches, open access to prototypes, use of cheap recyclable materials and artistic re-making of daily objects. T

Arts for the City project builds a dialogue between European artistic communities, who charge creativity in their cities, and St. Petersburg experts, creatives and citizens. The project comprises, from the one hand, designing and implementing special participatory art projects in periphery areas of St.Petersburg. From the other, it opens public discussions on how art projects can upgrade environment of European cities and St. Petersburg. In this two-fold way Arts for the City impacts scaling up micro-level creativity in the city bringing together citizens, experts, and artists with different backgrounds to reflect, discuss, and learn from each other.


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With the kind support of Friedrich-Ebert Foundationin St. Petersburg, German Consulate General​ & ​Center for German and European Studies

Public talk and workshop in Saint Petesburg
Watch our bicyclope-video!

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