Who Cares? Feminist Art Festival 2020

Festival about Care work

In the course of our lives, all of us encounter Care in one way or another. We are reliant on it as newborns, when we are sick or at the end of our lives. Care is present in each action that has to be performed in order to maintain and repair our world, so that we can live in it as well as possible. It means caring not only for our own bodies and minds but also for our environment. Whether we are aware of it or not, all human and non-human beings are intertwined in an existence-sustaining web that needs Caring for life to continue. Therefore, it challenges the usual understanding of justice.

Artists, architects and activists were invited to reflect on Care in relation to work, private sphere/intimacy, nature or neighborhood. By refusing to focus on only one aspect, the festival intends to highlight unsolved tensions, exploring different dimensions of care. Care has the potential to foster more engagement and solidarity within the relationships we establish. Who Cares? aims to create awareness of the implications of Caring, eventually inspiring new ways of relating with human and non-human.

Valeria Schwarz


Betiana Bellofatto


Farina Krause with Studio IN

Graphic design

Studio IN Carla Isern

Curatorial advice
Exhibition design

Emily Hawkins, Joachim Peerenboom


Katja Volkenant, Lorène Blanche Goesele


Carman Ho (video), Patricia Escriche (photo)


Adela Bravo Sauras, Marula Di Como, Maternal Fantasies, Lisa Glauer, Núria Güell, Eliana Heredia, Valentina Karga (in Kooperation with Mina e.V.), hands.on.matter, The Feminist Needlework Party, Tabita Rezaire, Valeria Schwarz and Anaïs Senli


Online and Berlin, GER, 2020