Mobile media and consultation station

Participation in Moabit goes mobile with the new media station: screen, projector, camera, speakers, usb ports and the possibility to expand it through external furniture.

This is the result of the collaborative work of Moabiter Ratschlag e.V., Zuloark, iCollective, Frecher Spatz and the invaluable input from Moabit´s young generation! The Rikscha will drive through Berlin gathering young people’s opinions of their neighbourhoods.

Moabiter Ratschlag e.V.


Valeria Schwarz, Juan Chacón (Zuloark)& teenagers from Moabit

Design and construction

Frecher Spatz & teenagers from Moabit

Design of the panels

Berlin, GER, 2014

Supported by: Jugend-Demokratiefonds Berlin