inVESTIR (post Arab Spring)

Virtual art, politics and participatory intervention in the public space

inVESTIR was firstly developed for Parallel Events Manifesta 8 Biennial in 2010, shortly before the Arab Spring and presented in Murcia, SPAIN. Through the social upheavals that started in North Africa in 2011, inVESTIR became more relevant as a pre-revolution archive of feelings, impressions and opinions from people living in those countries. In order to explore the changes that the Arab Spring brought in people’s consciousness, iCollective decided to continue the project in 2012.


To know more about the first edition of inVESTIR click here.

Valeria Schwarz


Valeria Schwarz & Betiana Bellofatto


Presented in:
Genk, BEL (Parallel Events MANIFESTA 9 Biennial, 2012)
Hallein, AUT (Schmiede, 2012)
Berlin, GER, (Conference in the frame of the Social Media Week in Berlin, 2012)
Hangzhou, CHN (China Academy of Art, School of Inter-media Arts, curated by Yeh Chia-Ming, 2013)

Supported by: Parallel Events MANIFESTA 9, Schmiede, China Academy of Art, School of Inter-media Arts)