Institut für alltägliche Umwälzungen

Participatory project about daily micro-revolutions for environmental care

Institut für alltägliche Umwälzungen is a participatory project that reflects on the daily habits. Arguably, if people observe continuous micro-decisions in the global context, clear reasons of the environmental crisis in which humanity is immersed are easily observed. In theory the solution appears easier than in practice: would it be enough if, every day, every person living in the industrial countries were to break another habit, making different choices? What is it that stops us from these decisions?

People are invited to speculate on the possibility of provoking daily, incremental, mini revolutions within their own area of influence.

Valeria Schwarz & Betiana Bellofatto


Valeria Schwarz & Betiana Bellofatto


Berlin, GER, 2019
Supported by: Floating University e.V.