Cultural mediation project about urban space, participation and city development

Which connection has teenagers´daily life with the history of Berlin? What do young people understand under cultural heritage? Er(be)leben invited teenagers to look into these questions on the example of 4 historical places in Berlin Mitte: Nikolaiviertel, Franziskaner Klosterkirchenruine, Alexanderplatz and Karl-Marx-Allee. We related each place of these places with one concept, so Nikolaiviertel was connected with exchange, Klosterkirchenruine with innovation, Alexanderplatz with conflict and Karl-Marx-Allee with mobility.

Our intention is to re-discover the cityscape together with the teenagers, to understand it as a possibility to learn, to transform it into a platform for artistic interventions, which join history and future.

Valeria Schwarz & Natalia Hosie


Sima Gatea, Sandra Tondl, Bea Kackbarth, Markus Bösl

Talk moderation

Valeria Schwarz

Artistic direction

Stiftung Freizeit, Rubén González Escudero, Mariana Hilgert, Natalia Hosie, Alberto Rey, Valeria Schwarz


A project by iCollective & ZULOARK
Berlin, GER, 2018
Supported by: Programmfonds Kulturelle Bildungsverbünde vom Bezirksamt Mitte