bicyclope 2012

Urban furniture that produces energy

bicyclope is a working system aroused through the collaboration between iCollective e. V. and architecture office Zuloark. Further from just developing interactive urban furniture that produces energy, we propose a participatory method for people to engage in the design of the cityscape.  For this open project we work closely with the neighbors exploring the way they move and spend their time in the urban space. This happened in exchanges we had with neighbours while standing before the library with our “bicyhoop”. In this frame we also asked neighbours  about the usage of the produced energy.

The construction of the prototype is also completed collaboratively. By doing so, we propose not only an object but a strategy based on participation, collaboration, learning, sustainability and responsibility.

Juan Chacón (Zuloark) & Valeria Schwarz


Berlin, GER, 2013

Supported by the program Soziale Stadt (EU, Bund und Land Berlin)