Over years, iCollective has been developing projects in the following areas. Our net of collaborators specialized in different fields is wide, and we build up a team accordingly to the specific goal we want to achieve. Please, check our areas of expertise and contact us if you have any question.  We would love to assist you in your project!



iCollective develops strategies that activate mechanisms of engagement, creating spaces for exchange and production of knowledge, through the implementation of collaborative practices.



iCollective can help you developing creative communication, stimulating working environment or installations for specific events. Our team will assist you from the concept to the production. Share with us your intentions, and we will make it happen.



Through the workshop dynamic, iCollective creates exchange platforms, practice-based labs and conceptual opportunities to share and create knowledge and experience. We are also an active agent of production, research and dissemination of social ecologies and community participation. We are glad to publicly contribute with our experience.

Our main topics are: contemporary art practices, urbanism, public realm, participation, self-management, creative uses of new technologies and cross-disciplinary methodologies.



iCollective creates learning situations for children, young adults and adults to reflect about topics like public space, communities, commons, solidarity, engagement in the city, a.o