November in Berlin: Who Cares?


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i Collective is glad to announce its first Feminist Art Festival: Who Cares?

Artists, architects and activists were invited to reflect on Care in relation to work, private sphere/intimacy, nature or neighborhood. By refusing to focus on only one aspect, the festival intends to highlight unsolved tensions, exploring different dimensions of care. Who Cares? encourages the celebration of the richness of the Care paradigm, whilst at the same time embracing its ambivalent character. Care has the potential to foster more engagement and solidarity within the relationships we establish. Who Cares? aims to create awareness of the implications of Caring, eventually inspiring new ways of relating with human and non-human beings.

Who Cares? Feminist Art Festival takes place:

November, 7th. – 15th.
Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 7–8,
10969 Berlin

Check out the participants and sign in for the workshops and events here:

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