CULINARY GAMES i Collective believes in the power of games and culinary encounters to promote social interaction and exchange. With the Dada Dinners, i Collective proposes ludic dynamics to expand our experience of art as well as enable possibilities to extend networks. If you want to be updated about our dinners, please write us a […]


JAZZ CONCERTS WITH DINNERS   As part of its interdisciplinary work, i Collective hosted semi-private jazz concerts with dinners. The small number of guests allowed us to create a very intimate atmosphere, ideal to enjoy nice music and an excellent cuisine. With these concerts i Collective seeks to promote the creation of appropriate ambiences to […]


EXHIBITION IN GALLERY EVA BRACKE  AND THE PUBLIC SPACE OF BERLIN Public art is usually not sought. If it is nevertheless found and appreciated, this often happens spontaneously, a chance meeting with the artwork. In this exhibition, artists of various nationalities and media have produced or submitted and dispersed ephemeral works of art within Berlin’s […]