Art residence in Antarctica


Betiana Bellofatto from i Collective was selected by the National Direction of Antarctics from Argentina to take part in the Art Residence Program in Antarctica. The program takes place in Esperanza Station in the Antarctic Peninsula during the first 30 days of 2015.

Betiana´s project Lazo Expiatorio (Expiatory Rope) explores the human aspect of life in the white continent. It focuses on the Antarctic legislation, that promotes peace and international collaboration in the only continent managed internationally.

Esperanza Station in the Antarctica Peninsula

The Antarctic Cultural Program of the National Direction of Antarctics of Argentina enhances and promotes the exploration of aesthetic proposals for developing artistic projects focalised in the Antarctic.

This Program is included in the Antarctic Summer Campaign, which takes place between November and March of every year. Works are then shown in national and international temporary and itinerant exhibitions, seminars, and exchanges.

More information about art residences in Antarctica:

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